Tuesday, 8 August 2017

When I Turn Back Time

When I Turn Back Time

When I turn back time…

It is the 3rd of August, we are standing outside the Auckland Zoo on a cold winter's morning.
Excited kids blocking the entrance. The sound of loud heavy footsteps sound like a thud. My teeth
Chattering making it sound like dropping coins.

It is nearly home time. The sun is out now, beaming through the nets that surrounds them like a force field. We rush over to the Kiwis. We see the opening and there is a sign saying, “Please be quiet.” The door opens, I see bright blue stars on the ceiling. It felt as if it was already night time. Fish swim freely in their tanks. I hear an owl hoot as we  pass the glass window. Just then we see a fluffy brown kiwi roaming around near the bushes. I can hear whispers behind me, fingers pointing at the kiwi.

We head to the exit. The light comes in eating the darkness. Mrs P calls us over, “ Are you coming?” We all  ran over to the rest of the group. As we walk over to the bus I feel as if we were in a  marching band. Everyone I past was talking about the animals with excitement.
I love the zoo.

Screenshot 2017-08-04 at 11.51.51 AM.pngScreenshot 2017-08-04 at 11.54.10 AM.png

We went to the zoo for our topic Land, Sea and Sky. The next day we did some writing called, "When I turn Back In Time" we had to add Adjectives, Adverb, Similes and other stuff. I hope you like my writing.

Monday, 7 August 2017

3D Printing

For the last few days we have been using 3D Printers. We used a site call tinker-cad. First we had to write our names it took us 2 days to make everybody's. We had some people come in and help us. After we could play around and make things. I made a mushroom, the sign of the deathly hallows (you should now if you are a Harry Potter Fan) and frame with my name on it. If you don't join your design together then when it prints it will come out separate and if your design is not thick or not on the base template then it will not come out on the 3D Printer. I hope you can try do this too.


Here is the link to Tinker-cad