Monday, 18 September 2017

Maori Language

In Maori Language we made something to show our learning. Ether we did a digital Presentation or something made from hand. I showed mine by making a presentation counting up to ten. This DLO will be really good for someone starting out and learning the language.  I hope you learn how to count up to ten and you will make something to show your learning too. I hope you like my presentation.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Should 12 Year Olds And Other Have A Mobile Phone.

Should 12 Year Olds And Under Have A Mobile Phone.

Most Kids 12 years old or younger have mobile phones these days. They spend most of the time on it but sometimes its for a great reason. Do you think kids 12 or younger have a phone?

First of all 12 year olds and under should have a phone for communication so just in case their lost and you need to call or text their mom or dad or if you need help with homework so they ask their friend for advice. Speaking about homework, phones also can be used to search about different strategies and find the answers to their questions. And a lot of kids have ones these days. Phones can locate where they are when you are lost.These phones can also help with education and school. You can call and
Text people and you can’t do that with a I pad or a Chromebook.

The other the thing why 12 year olds and under should have mobile phone is that the parents can find them if they are lost, if they keep their location On. A phone also has a button for light just encase they are lost at night pads, Chromebook and other devices don’t have that.  If they don’t have a watch they can just grab out their phone and tell the time so they are not
Late for a class or something. Phones are light and easy to carry unlike big devices. You can get apps for maths, spelling and other
Education stuff.

I think 12 years and under should have a mobile phone for
Safety reasons and education.

On the other hand mobile phones for 12 year olds and under should
Not have a phone because they can spend way too much time
On phones that they won’t even touch a pen or paper or a book.
They can also get apps that they aren't aloud for them. They
Can put their own private stuff online and not keep their digital
Footprint to themselves and not get any apps for education.
They text or call people that their parents don’t know or don’t know
That their kids are texting or calling people. Their kids can get cyber-bullied and get depressed, stressed and can lead to suicide. Phone radiation can be harmful to many users. Sir William Stewart , chairman of the NRPB, at a press at London says that he does not think that he does not think that we should put our hands and hearts  and say mobile phones are safe. The other thing why 12 year olds and under should not have mobile phones id because kids will stay in their rooms with their phone in their hands. They will not be able to interact with their friends and play outside. Sir William Stewart said that if there are risks  and we think that is they-there are-then the people who are going to be infected the most are children, and the younger the children are, the greater  the danger.Children would rather talk some are right next to other but still text as if they were 500 km away from each other. Mobile phones can break friendships because one has a phone and other one doesn't have a phone so they barely do anything together the one with a phone just sits on the couch and play minecraft all day. Kids under 12 can get brain radiation from mobile phones.

I think kids under 12 should not have a phone from what I have
Read from the internet,phones destroy friendships and gives
kids brain radiation. So kids under 12 should not have a mobile

For Writing we have been practicing to write an argument. We chose to do it on "should kids under 12 years old have a mobile phones" we had to do 2 paragraphs on "kids under 12 should have a phone" and then a summery then another 2 paragraphs on "kids under 12 should have a phone" but this time I was against I did another summery again. I learnt that in an argument you can't use a "I" until a summary. I also learnt that kids under 12 that have a phone can get a brain radiation (as said in my writing) I hope you learn something new and that you will be able to write an argument too.

Friday, 1 September 2017